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Decorating Tips

Primitive decor has many meanings to many people...for example the crow is said to bring luck or good fortune, an angel always brings guidance and inner strength, the willow tree is said to symbolize strength and devotion, the sheep is said to be a symbol of peace, and to most the subtle home accents of the prim world bring you HOME.
Ideas to Create a Country/Primitive Atmosphere

~Primitive Decorating: This is a new style of decorating that has strong roots in rustic country decorating.
Primitive decor accents could be revamped flea market finds, slightly abused antiques, art from nature, as well as modern products that have been aged.

~Country Decorating: Colors are warm. Accents are tradtionally plain-and-simple, not flouncy or ornate.
Art or fabric may depict farm scenes and animals.
Furniture is made of wood and built for comfort.

Decorating with primitive country decorating will have you feeling like you are in warmth and simplicity.

*Use benches in a kitchen to arrange a collection of crocks, table sitters, cannister and more.

*Use grapevine to decorate an old ladder.

*Use an old bench for a coffee table

*Cast iron stars with hooks can be used to drape your favorite homespun or pip berry garland over and use for a valance.

*Pip Berry Garland: Use the swag at the top of a window in place of a valance or curtain. Place shutters on the bottom or for a plain simple look or don't put anything on the bottom of the window.

*Old barn wood: can be used to make sections of picket fence and hinge them together then position them in your bay window to be used as shutters

*Old window frames: with or without out the glass can be decorated with grapevine add clear twinkle lights and rusty stars.

* Paint, Paint, Paint. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color makes a huge difference in any room and hardly costs anything.
Donít be afraid to go with something other than white, after all, you can always paint over it if you donít like it!

*When applying Primitive decorating, don?t forget about the lighting. To add interest to this kind of room design, you'll strive for your lights to be simple like tin lanterns.

*Antique suitcases can double as storage units and display areas n bedrooms where closet space is limited

*Spread a square gingham napkin diagonally across a wicker basket or tray to add an extra dash of prim pattern to the mix!

*Classic Country Organizing-Rather than hiding your things in overflowing cupboards and packed drawers, keep things tidy and create a charming displayóthe "country" way.
Use wicker baskets to stack fluffy towels or magazines.
Turn old hatboxes into homes for photos or sewing supplies.
Hang your prettiest plates rather than stashing them behind cupboard doors.


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